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Service The project

The company after nearly20Years of development,Has become a family and by service enterprises as the main line,In order to cleaning、To move、Cleaning,Set cleaning company、Municipal sanitation engineering、Cleaning at home、Family move、Home appliances to clean、Plumbing、Stone conservation、Air purification、External wall cleaning、Her nanny, etc into an integrated domestic service enterprises。

Cleaning services

Moving services

Maintenance cleaning

Her nanny

The business Advantage

Standardized service control system,Provides the omni-directional service

The national coverage

Broad market
10All professional chefs,Across the country98%Region
More and more

Professional skill

Professional technology
Professional skills training,Real-name certification examination work
More and more

Cost savings

Transparent quotation
Remove the intermediate links,Price transparency information symmetry
More and more

Comprehensive protection

Security service
Professional insurance claims,First pay quality guarantee
More and more

Service Process

From the acceptance of the whole chain track customer orders and service


Release the order


Respond to orders


Door-to-door service


Service acceptance and evaluation

Kohane The team

Kohane preferred to create a national family service platform,Based on the“The Internet+Family services”Big data,Millions of families to provide a full range、More security、The housekeeper type service of high quality。

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